Programmatic Media Buying

Many ingredients go into a well-designed programmatic media plan and media buying.

Defining the audience

Developing a deep understanding of the intended audience is imperative. Creating an audience profile is done through client consultation, and data analysis before we begin our programmatic media buying.

When developing a customer’s client profile, we can research their CRM file to better understand their key client attributes – for business clients this can include matching their customers to the North American Industry Classification Standards codes (NAICS), standardizing their various job titles to job functions, as well as employee size to determine a true audience picture.

media buying

Evaluating programmatic media inventory.

Programmatic media buying can include evaluating the need for client CRM as well as 3rd and 2nd party audience onboarding, IP targeting, search retargeting, demographic, firmographic, behavioural, or contextual targeting, geo-fencing of locations, social media newsfeeds, site retargeting and more.

Programmatic media buying also includes evaluating the RTB open exchange and networks you will use and bid rate – as well as considering programmatic direct, private marketplace placements, and programmatic site whitelisting

Programmatic media planning involves deciding on the best creative delivery channels – from traditional display ads, to mobile, or the use of dynamic creative, native, video, connected TV, or audio.

Programmatic ad creative also plays a role.

Different audiences engage with various creative differently. Some audiences respond to traditional banners, others respond better to animated gifs, others to video or audio ads.

Programmatic media buying takes into account the creative being used and maps this to the ad inventory available for that creative, targeting the defined audience.

Programmatic media buying optimization

Once the campaigns go live the media evaluation and media buying continues – after the first 2 weeks of each campaign the campaign data begins to uncover opportunities, optimization occurs on a daily basis.

For each campaign we do all of this for you. For one price. Everything included.

Agency Services

We’re a full service shop. Whatever your campaigns need, we’re here to help you. From strategy, design and development to hosting and database. You name it, we can do it.

Programmatic Advertising Agency - Audience Solutions

Audience Solutions

The programmatic advertising space changes daily, and we change with it bringing you the latest programmatic audience solutions using data, IP, or targeting tactics, bundled with the latest creative ad delivery channels and the largest open exchange, network and marketplace inventory available.

We ensure our client audiences are precise, and the ad delivery channels are engaging.

Programmatic Advertising Agency - Audience Search

Audience Search

Most advertisers know who their buyers are. Finding this precise audience in the vast media landscape separates a good campaign from a great one.

We curate programmatic audiences for our clients using data, or targeting solutions to ensure your campaigns reach your intended audiences. Your campaigns and audiences are further refined and optimized to CPC or CPA KPIs.

We ensure advertisers reach their precise audience, at the appropriate scale.