How to leverage Social Media

Today social media is one of the most valuable marketing tactics available to businesses of all sizes. With strategic planning, content can be used to develop new audiences, increase engagement, boost your SEO, provide valuable business insights – as well as advertise and convert.

Social media marketing can help with a number of goals, such as:

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It all starts with a plan. To drive SEO, it’s all about research and keywords. What is your audience talking about? What is there a demand for? Social media is a savvy way to enrich your brand by creating helpful and interesting content for your audience. Create smart content aligned to your objectives, not easy-to-post-but-irrelevant content.

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Track your success

Use tags to track your social media marketing campaigns. Gain insight into which of your social content is performing best with your audience. Analytics will also illustrate unique customer behaviour patterns which will allow for precise content development opportunities.

Social Media Packages

All packages include client consultation, strategic audience and
content development research.


Includes All Content Creation

Instagram & Facebook


  • 45 minute consultation with clients monthly objectives
  • Current social media analysis
  • Custom social media strategy framework
  • Competitive analysis
  • Optimal channel setup
  • Content curation and photography
  • Monthly content calendar
  • 15-20 photo/gif posts
  • Bi-monthly contests and management

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  • Trackable tags and UTM links
  • Develop and promote user-generated content
  • Community and customer service management
  • Social Copywriting + Photo Retouching
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Month-end stats report

Influencer Channel Development

Take advantage of audiences that are aligned to those you are trying to reach by utilizing social influencers. These influencers will work with us to promote your business and share it with their network – as well as generate content for your site.

  • Curate 10 vetted influencers referred for your review based on your objectives
  • Develop the appropriate relationship with these brand advocates
  • Develop the message to be delivered by the influencer
  • Manage the time-line, tone of voice, and campaign content
  • Track the success of the influencer campaign, followed up with a report for viewing