Monetize Your Existing Audiences

Now you can add a new revenue stream to your publishing business by making your print and online audiences available programmatically.

Partner with an industry leader in programmatic audience development and targeting tactics to work with you to develop your audience pricing, and market your audiences to our clients – and yours.

Have your campaigns managed from start to finish.

The programmatic advertising channel is our core business. Our clients look to us for market leading, precise programmatic audience development, media buying, and the best in campaign targeting, delivery tactics, inventory, optimization and reporting.

audience advertising partner

As media buyers we come to our audience partners with requests to reach their audiences programmatically.

In the case of business-to-business publishers this can be done with scale through a horizontal view of their print or online audiences – essentially creating new audiences from existing ones.

For our consumer partners this can also be done across multiple properties by intent, and additional demographic filters.

We simply add a retargeting pixel to the partners’ site. We may also request a circulation database query, and undertake what amounts to a typical industry list rental.

How does it work?

1. Our media buyers reach out to our partners to create audiences our clients demand.

The audience request will include audience usage for campaigns running between 1 – 3 months. Longer campaigns will incur renewal costs.

Market pricing will be determined on a per audience basis.

Pricing for audience onboarding generally mirrors the cost of a typical industry list rental.

Pricing for audience retargeting generally mirrors a CPM model.

2. Usage agreements and insertion orders are signed. Campaigns run as per agreed upon flight dates.

3. The publisher partner also has the option to sell this service to their clients and onboard their audiences directly. All data is anonymized as it is passed from partner to platform, then destroyed at the end each campaign flight as per the user agreement.

4. No partner branding is included in any of the media creative allowing for zero restrictions on partner inventory, or fatigue to partner audiences.

Monetize your audiences – advertise them today.

Influencer Channel Development

Take advantage of audiences that are aligned to those you are trying to reach by utilizing social influencers. These influencers will work with us to promote your business and share it with their network – as well as generate content for your site.

  • Curate 10 vetted influencers referred for your review based on your objectives
  • Develop the appropriate relationship with these brand advocates
  • Develop the message to be delivered by the influencer
  • Manage the time-line, tone of voice, and campaign content
  • Track the success of the influencer campaign, followed up with a report for viewing

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