Add a Programmatic Advertising Channel

Now you can add a programmatic channel to your media kit and have manage it for you.

Adding a programmatic advertising channel to your media offering can be challenging. Until now.

Partner with an industry leader in programmatic audience development and targeting who will work with you to develop your channel pricing, market your audiences, and manage your campaigns from start to finish.

The programmatic advertising channel is our core business. Being a market leader on audience solutions and delivery tactics is our competitive advantage.

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Make our Competitive Advantage, Your Competitive Advantage.

Partner Branded Programmatic Advertising Platform Solution

We provide a white label programmatic platform solution whereby we consult on our partner’s advertising channel – from developing pricing, through to launch and full client project execution.

Our partners simply need to add the new advertising channel to their media kits and sell it – we take care of all the rest.

How does it work?

1. A competitive media price analysis is done by to create a tiered pricing structure our partner can offer their clients.

Pricing will include all costs, as well as partner margins, and media.

2. Our partner includes the new programmatic ad channel in their media kit.

The partner can offer client creative development, receive creative direct from the client, or outsource all campaign creative to

3. When a new client comes onboard, audienceGPS provides full execution, from audience development, to developing the campaign assets and targeting tactics, media buying, optimization, and reporting.

4. Our partners can sell advertising solutions to their clients through the retargeting of their publisher’s site audiences, or onboarding their print audiences and targeting them.

They can also offer their existing, and new clients programmatic RTB campaigns using all the online audience inventory available on the top exchanges, networks, and marketplaces.

5. All campaign reporting is partner branded, and the reports are auto-generated by email to the partner, client, or both – on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.

Monetize your audiences – add our programmatic advertising channel today

Influencer Channel Development

Take advantage of audiences that are aligned to those you are trying to reach by utilizing social influencers. These influencers will work with us to promote your business and share it with their network – as well as generate content for your site.

  • Curate 10 vetted influencers referred for your review based on your objectives
  • Develop the appropriate relationship with these brand advocates
  • Develop the message to be delivered by the influencer
  • Manage the time-line, tone of voice, and campaign content
  • Track the success of the influencer campaign, followed up with a report for viewing

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