Programmatic Creative Tactics

Ever developing creative tactics in which to communicate your message allows for fresh and impactful advertising delivered cross-device – engaging ads, to appropriate audiences.

The audience engagement benefits are two-fold:

1. Using multiple creative tactics during a campaign allows to cast a wide net of delivery methods across an audience, then optimize to the top performing creative tactics.

2. Multiple creative tactics allows advertisers to access audiences, cross-device in places they reside – some audiences browse social media, video, and streaming at home via laptops, others engage primarily on mobile, while early adopters enjoy connected TV, and streaming audio programming

Cross-channel capabilities:

Display | Mobile | Native | Dynamic Creative | Video | Connected TV | Audio

Display: Programmatic display advertising allows for traditional banner ad placement across the widest site inventory – from high traffic premium news sites, or social media platforms, to localized special interest.

Video: Video opens up yet another channel, and more inventory to engage with your customers through. We support pre-roll, mid-roll, in banner video, and can deliver across in-app, mobile, and traditional desktop browser inventory – we offer full video production services as well.

Mobile: Mobile display allows for targeting of those who are heavier mobile browsers, and app users. You have access to the top in-app and mobile web inventory via mobile-specific exchanges such as MoPub and Millenial Media.


Connected TV: Connected TV affords our advertisers the ability to advertise to those viewing digital content on their television sets. The ads play at the full resolution of the TV on media app load or in program during streaming.

Native: Native advertising allows for a response rate six times higher than traditional display ads. These ad units are built in real-time to match a publisher’s content and layout. Native ads improve user experience and can be utilized using all targeting tactics, and across all media types.

Audio: Audio ads allow our advertisers to access online and mobile audio ad inventory in-app, or on streaming audio platforms.

Dynamic Creative: Dynamic ads are built in real-time pulling from a database of creative elements based on the user, their environment, the scenario, and marketing strategy – the ads change in real-time as the user engages with the creative using the same technology as Netflix and Amazon.


Programmatic Advertising Agency - Audience Solutions

Audience Solutions

The programmatic advertising space changes daily, and we change with it bringing you the latest programmatic audience solutions using data, IP, or targeting tactics, bundled with the latest creative ad delivery channels and the largest open exchange, network and marketplace inventory available.

We ensure our client audiences are precise, and the ad delivery channels are engaging.

Programmatic Advertising Agency - Audience Search

Audience Search

Most advertisers know who their buyers are. Finding this precise audience in the vast media landscape separates a good campaign from a great one.

We curate programmatic audiences for our clients using data, or targeting solutions to ensure your campaigns reach your intended audiences. Your campaigns and audiences are further refined and optimized to CPC or CPA KPIs.

We ensure advertisers reach their precise audience, at the appropriate scale.