Programmatic Audio Advertising

Programmatic audio ads allow our advertisers to access online and mobile audio ad inventory in-app, or on audio streaming platforms such as Spotify, Sonos, Tunein, and SoundCloud.

Programmatic audio advertising targeting is done via logged-in data and has a multitude of additional in program targeting features.

At our production department can help develop the strategic messaging required for your next audio advertising campaign.

The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) creates the ad standards for programmatic audio advertising.

IAB Standards and Guidelines

audio advertising


We can also measure conversion through a client site conversion pixel whereby the pixel is added to the conversion page, or pages of choice. If the conversion page is visited a ‘clicked – conversion’ is added to the reporting dashboard


The beautiful part is if an ad is served to a user, and that user doesn’t click the ad, but visits the advertised site a few days later via other means we still know when the visit occurred and the conversion page was viewed – a ‘viewed – conversion’ instance is added to the reporting dashboard.

Conversion pixel placement can be a useful tool when negotiating CPA media.


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