Programmatic Native Advertising

Native advertising affords a response rate six times higher than traditional display ads. These responsive ad units are built from a variety of flexible components in real-time and scaled to blend seamlessly with a publisher’s content and layout.

Native ads by nature appear less intrusive, and help improve the user’s experience and relationship between the content they are viewing and the ad.

Targeting allows the ads to be personalized in real-time for each publisher’s site and the individual viewer.

Native Advertising

All the targeting tactics open to display advertising are also applicable to your native advertising – and are available across all media channels including mobile, in-app, desktop, etc.

The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) creates the ad standards for native advertising.

2017 Dynamic Content Advertising Standards



We can also measure conversion through a client site conversion pixel whereby the pixel is added to the conversion page, or pages of choice. If the conversion page is visited a ‘clicked – conversion’ is added to the reporting dashboard

The beautiful part is if an ad is served to a user, and that user doesn’t click the ad, but visits the advertised site a few days later via other means we still know when the visit occurred and the conversion page was viewed – a ‘viewed – conversion’ instance is added to the reporting dashboard.

Conversion pixel placement can be a useful tool when negotiating CPA media.

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