Programmatic Data Solutions

Using data to curate your programmatic audience is the perfect solution for those who have a defined target from the start. These clients want to advertise to their current customers, or potential clients with similar attributes, in a highly defined market.

When you want to reach new clients, 3P audience development is done through utilizing our leading third-party data partners and matching their audiences to you existing client profiles.

3P Data Partners | Acxiom | Pacific Data Partners | BlueKai | Oracle | Exelate | Dun & Bradstreet | Integral Ad Science | Pixalate | LiveRamp | Lotame | Krux | Neustar | Nielsen | Adobe | Datatonics | And much more…

We match your audience needs to existing premium 3rd party audiences, then only advertise to them.

There is no limit to the audience size, location, or campaign duration.

Client CRM Onboarding

Onboarding your customer CRM file allows you to stay in front of your current clients, and prospects as they surf at work, on their phones, and at home.

3P Audience Development

Data Tactics - 3P Audience Onboarding

3P Audience Onboarding

Onboarding 3rd party prospect data by industry / title / GEO allows you to focus your advertising on pre-defined individuals who match your current clients cross device.

Programmatic Advertising Solutions - IP Targeting

IP Targeting

Allows you to show your advertising to individuals across an entire organization – or by household.

Programmatic Advertising Solutions - IP + 3P Data Targeting

IP + 3P Data Targeting

Allows you to blend your 3rd party (3P) with IP data to target colleagues of those pre-defined individuals who match your current clients – further expanding your reach.

We ensure advertisers reach their precise audience, at the appropriate scale.