IP + 3rd Party Data Targeting

If you want to reach a specific industry category inside their organization, but only target those that match job functions that mirror your clients, then this data targeting solution is for you.

Maybe you want to reach specific neighbourhood audience for consumer marketing, and want to layer additional attributes to the audience such as 3P HHI > $75M – again, this solution was designed for you.

We curate a new audience for our clients by matching the CRM profile to the most precise audience data available through our partnerships with leading third-party data providers: Dun & Bradstreet, Equifax, Profound Networks, Pacific Data Partners, publisher networks, and many more.

ip 3rd party data onboarding

The audiences are onboarded and ready for you to advertise to.

As with all 3P data solutions, if these visitors visit your site their profile is added on the client side and accessed through future site re-targeting and a new internal audience is immediately born.

Data Privacy

All data is anonymized and scrubbed of any personally identifiable information (PII).

All email is hashed before it enters the system. Hashing is an encryption method that converts an email address into a hexadecimal string. Each hexadecimal string is unique, and remains consistent regardless of where it is used to login online.

Programmatic Advertising Agency - Audience Solutions

Audience Solutions

The programmatic advertising space changes daily, and we change with it bringing you the latest programmatic audience solutions using data, IP, or targeting tactics, bundled with the latest creative ad delivery channels and the largest open exchange, network and marketplace inventory available.

We ensure our client audiences are precise, and the ad delivery channels are engaging.

Programmatic Advertising Agency - Audience Search

Audience Search

Most advertisers know who their buyers are. Finding this precise audience in the vast media landscape separates a good campaign from a great one.

We curate programmatic audiences for our clients using data, or targeting solutions to ensure your campaigns reach your intended audiences. Your campaigns and audiences are further refined and optimized to CPC or CPA KPIs.

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