Proximity Marketing

Proximity or micro-location marketing is used by marketers to engage new customers on their mobile devices via beacon technology – and convert physical traffic in areas customers frequent.

Proximity marketing can be utilized using beacons to push notifications to the mobile devices of users who have downloaded your mobile App – as well as those without an App.

Each beacon is programmed with a 40 – 50 character message, plus a URL that will load a webpage, or video. The beacon is then placed in a location where potential customers visit and frequently will check their mobile devices. Concurrent messages can also be programmed on the same device.

A radius is programmed to broadcast the messaging to those within a maximum range of 100 metres. The broadcast radius can be adjusted to within a centimetre of the device.

Audience engagement strategy is key

We will help you develop a strategic audience engagement strategy which will include:

  • Strategy development
  • Beacon programming – messaging, targeting
  • Strategic beacon placement
  • Beacon monitoring, maintenance – if required

Mobile device targeting can include:

Targeting Tactics - Publisher Site Retargeting

Without mobile App

  • Device range
  • Mobile device default language – the ability to program separate messages by device default language
  • Day-parting – day / time of day messaging
  • Scheduling – pre-programming of messaging based on multiple locations
  • All Android mobile devices – only those iOS devices with coupon download
  • Remote programming

With mobile App

Additionally – when a mobile APP is used:

  • Device recognition – first instance vs second instance messaging
  • Customer analytics based on user registration / beacon engagement
  • Mobile insights
  • Data collection
Targeting Tactics - Site Retargeting
Targeting Tactics - Search Retargeting

Additional uses:

Our beacons can also be used to set up non-marketing initiatives such as:

  • Enhance visitor interactive experience
  • Help your audience navigate an area
  • Gamify a users’ experience
  • Learn which areas get the most footfall and how users interact with specific spaces
  • Enable automatic check-ins at your office
  • Add environmental information for visually impaired people
  • Track tools, transport, commodities, and stock
  • Secure your venue and assets

App development

White label app development using pre-built strategies and frameworks - or custom app development starting from ground zero – we develop mobile apps that meet our clients’ objectives

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