Proximity Marketing – With Mobile App

When a mobile app is used is used in conjunction with beacons the channel unlocks additional features that include:

  • Device recognition – first instance vs second instance messaging
  • Customer analytics based on user registration / beacon engagement
  • Mobile insights
  • Data collection

When beacons are placed in locations all Android and iOS mobile devices who have downloaded your mobile App will receive a notification if within broadcast range of the location.

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Proximity marketing with a mobile App is a dynamic marketing channel that allows you to understand who an audience is, and how they interact with a business, or location

Audience engagement strategy is key

We will help you develop a strategic audience engagement strategy which will include:

  • Strategy development
  • Beacon programming – messaging, targeting
  • Strategic beacon placement
  • Beacon monitoring, maintenance – if required

Dynamic marketing channel for:

Sending customized offers and messages to your mobile App users

  • Advertise to nearby customers – or advertise in locations your customers frequent
  • Reward visitors with exclusive and free access to VIP information
Data Tactics - 3P Audience Onboarding
Programmatic Advertising Solutions - IP Targeting

Enhance your mobile App user’s interactive experience

  • Enhance your visitors experience with personal, customized and engaging messaging
  • Help your visitors learn more about exhibits they are standing in front of
  • Make objects ‘alive’ and enable them to ‘talk’ with visitors
  • Save money on audio guides by enabling them in your mobile App
  • Gamify the user experience
  • Link proximity to social media enabling uses to share their experiences
  • Enable a proximity based ordering feature in your mobile App
  • Enable booking of venues, accommodation, restaurant, experiential on the spot
  • Help visitors register with their smartphones so they don’t have to stand in line
  • Enable exchange of contact information through proximity app at your event
  • Make indoor navigation intuitive
  • Attract people to landmarks, or historical sites through context-rich navigation solutions
  • Integrate beacon and GPS navigation for outdoor / indoor spaces
  • Help the visually impaired navigate your venue

Track your customers and goods

  • Learn which spots receive the most footfall and how users interact with those spaces
  • Enable automatic check-ins at your office
  • Identify best places to exhibit your offers
  • Identify peak times at your venue
Programmatic Advertising Solutions - IP + 3P Data Targeting

Targeting with a mobile App includes:

  • Device range
  • Mobile device default language – the ability to program separate messages by device default language
  • Day-parting – day / time of day messaging
  • Scheduling – pre-programming of messaging based on multiple locations
  • All Android and iOS mobile devices
  • Device recognition – first instance vs second instance messaging
  • Customer analytics based on user registration / beacon engagement
  • Mobile insights
  • Data collection
  • Remote programming

App development

White label app development using pre-built strategies and frameworks - or custom app development starting from ground zero – we develop mobile apps that meet our clients’ objectives

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