Proximity Marketing – Without Mobile App

When beacons are placed in locations all Android mobile devices will receive a notification if within broadcast range of the location. IOS mobile devices will also receive the notifications if the user has downloaded a client coupon linked to the campaign.

Most of the same targeting capabilities are in place for non-App mobile devices as for App users – except for the inability to broadcast to all iOS users, certain targeting parameters, and analytics.

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Beacon marketing without a mobile App is an economical route to take when initially entering the proximity marketing channel to help familiarize yourself with an implementation strategy, targeting, and how you wish to utilize, and measure.

Audience engagement strategy is key

We will help you develop a strategic audience engagement strategy which will include:

  • Strategy development
  • Beacon programming – messaging, targeting
  • Strategic beacon placement
  • Beacon monitoring, maintenance – if required

Economical marketing channel for:

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Sending customized offers and messages

  • Advertise to nearby customers – or advertise in locations your customers frequent
  • Send agendas of your event, or restaurant menu directly to customers nearby
  • Save money on printing costs by transmitting information digitally
  • Greet customers upon entry to your business or venue
  • Promote mobile App downloads
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Enhance your customer’s interactive experience

  • Enhance your visitors experience with personal, customized and engaging messaging
  • Educate visitors about the space they are in and the objects they are facing
  • Attract attention and raise awareness about areas that are less travelled
  • Enable users to interact with your product or service
  • Introduce path and time estimation features

Targeting without a mobile App includes:

  • Device range
  • Mobile device default language – the ability to program separate messages by device default language
  • Day-parting – day / time of day messaging
  • Scheduling – pre-programming of messaging based on multiple locations
  • All Android mobile devices – only those iOS devices with coupon download
  • Remote programming

App development

White label app development using pre-built strategies and frameworks - or custom app development starting from ground zero – we develop mobile apps that meet our clients’ objectives

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