Programmatic Targeting Solutions

Targeting solutions allow to cast a defined, yet much wider audience net based on our clients’ required customer profiles.

The audience development benefits are two-fold:

1. Each campaign is set up with multiple tactics, which are continually optimized throughout by our ad ops team toward client CTR, or CPA KPIs.

2. Campaign learnings such as top performing competitive keywords, and audience locations can be used for additional channel marketing.

Cross-channel capabilities:

Display | Mobile | Native | Dynamic Creative | Video | Connected TV | Audio

Targeting Tactics - Publisher Site Retargeting

Publisher Site Retargeting

Taking advantage of audiences generated by sites strongly aligned to your customer base is essential for success online. Audience partnerships are negotiated and utilized by placing retargeting pixels on the publisher site targeting those with your ads after they leave.

Site Retargeting

Placing retargeting pixels on your own site allows to advertise to your site visitors after they leave your site.

Targeting Tactics - Site Retargeting
Targeting Tactics - Search Retargeting

Search Retargeting

Keyword conquesting your competitor sites allows to gather a list of competitive keywords used to produce page 1 search results for their sites – if a user searches on any of these words, upon leaving the search engine your ad then displayed.

Keyword Contextual

Create a custom list of keywords relevant to your campaign and audienceGPS’ contextual targeting technology will search for sites containing content with your keywords for which to display your ads.

Targeting Tactics - Keyword Contextual
Targeting Tactics - Category Contextual

Category Contextual

Similar to keyword contextual – choose from a list of over 300 categorical contexts defined by the IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau) relevant to your campaign – then will serve your ads only on those sites with pages categorically relevant.

FB Newsfeed

Boost reach with inventory from the leading social media site. Target users on their Newsfeed using our massive data network for access to over 600 million user profiles.

Targeting Tactics - FB Newsfeed
Targeting Tactics - Geo-fencing


Geo-fencing is the most reliable way to target mobile users at those primary locations, or zones your customers frequent with pinpoint accuracy.

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