Publisher Site Retargeting

Publisher Site Retargeting takes advantage of audiences generated by sites strongly aligned to your customer base, a fantastic strategy to promote campaign success. Audience partnerships are negotiated and utilized by placing retargeting pixels on the publisher site, targeting those with your ads after they leave.

Publisher site retargeting allows you to create a relationship with a defined audience based on your knowledge of the publisher’s site content and audience market.

publisher site retargeting

Once the publisher’s user has clicked on our client ad we can target this user with our client site re-targeting tactic in the future, therefore building a new audience as we advertise.


We can also measure conversion through a client site conversion pixel whereby the pixel is added to the conversion page, or pages of choice. If the conversion page is visited a ‘clicked – conversion’ is added to the reporting dashboard

The beautiful part is if an ad is served to a user, and that user doesn’t click the ad, but visits the advertised site a few days later via other means we still know when the visit occurred and the conversion page was viewed – a ‘viewed – conversion’ instance is added to the reporting dashboard.

Conversion pixel placement can be a useful tool when negotiating CPA media.

Programmatic Advertising Agency - Audience Solutions

Audience Solutions

The programmatic advertising space changes daily, and we change with it bringing you the latest programmatic audience solutions using data, IP, or targeting tactics, bundled with the latest creative ad delivery channels and the largest open exchange, network and marketplace inventory available.

We ensure our client audiences are precise, and the ad delivery channels are engaging.

Programmatic Advertising Agency - Audience Search

Audience Search

Most advertisers know who their buyers are. Finding this precise audience in the vast media landscape separates a good campaign from a great one.

We curate programmatic audiences for our clients using data, or targeting solutions to ensure your campaigns reach your intended audiences. Your campaigns and audiences are further refined and optimized to CPC or CPA KPIs.

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