How Programmatic Advertising Works


Audience Development

For our consumer advertisers we profile customer demographics, psychographics, and competitive analysis to discover audience attributes.

For our business advertisers we can further analyze customer files to discover audience segmentation – match buyer companies to the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS), as well as standardize company size, then titles to job function for a precise audience picture.

We can match the above attributes to third party (3P) audiences, or target by IP, or IP layered with 3P data – then onboard these for a precise data driven audience.


Advertiser Options - Budget



Each custom campaign is designed around the client audience objective and budget.

Starting at $300 / month



Campaign Development

We recommend strategy, programmatic solutions and tactics, and develop necessary creative assets – then media buy appropriate inventory for full campaign execution:

Data Solutions

  • Client CRM Onboarding
  • 3P Audience Onboarding
  • IP Targeting
  • IP + 3P Data Targeting

Targeting Solutions

  • Publisher Site ReTargeting
  • Site ReTargeting
  • Search ReTargeting
  • Keyword Contextual
  • Category Contextual
  • FB Newsfeed
  • Geo-Fencing

Creative Tactics

  • Display / Mobile
  • Native
  • Dynamic Creative
  • Video / Connected TV
  • Audio


  • CExchanges
  • Networks
  • Programmatic Direct
  • Private Marketplace
  • Publishers
  • 3P Audience Onboarding
Advertiser Options - Optimization



Optimization occurs after week 2. Each campaign is reported on separately by tactic and creative used. Budget allocation can then be optimized to the top performing tactics and creative. Tactics and creative assets are also optimized on an ongoing basis.

The campaign data then begins to programmatically optimize the audience to the inventory.




Each tactic and creative campaign is reported separately. For instance if you had a campaign advertising sports cars, and a separate campaign for SUV’s you would have 2 separate creative campaigns developed. Now for each of these you then ran a search retargeting, site retargeting, programmatic direct, and geo-fencing campaign you would have 8 campaigns. Then you decided to run a display, and a video campaign for each – you would now be at 16 campaigns.

Each campaign is represented on a separate line in reporting. We have standard and custom reporting options – each can be delivered to you on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.

Each campaign reports on impressions, clicks, spend, and multiple conversion tracking.

Programmatic Advertising Agency - Audience Solutions

Audience Solutions

The programmatic advertising space changes daily, and we change with it bringing you the latest programmatic audience solutions using data, IP, or targeting tactics, bundled with the latest creative ad delivery channels and the largest open exchange, network and marketplace inventory available.

We ensure our client audiences are precise, and the ad delivery channels are engaging.

Programmatic Advertising Agency - Audience Search

Audience Search

Most advertisers know who their buyers are. Finding this precise audience in the vast media landscape separates a good campaign from a great one.

We curate programmatic audiences for our clients using data, or targeting solutions to ensure your campaigns reach your intended audiences. Your campaigns and audiences are further refined and optimized to CPC or CPA KPIs.

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